Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Sandbox Returns!

The sandbox on OR CC Isle has been set back up, complete with streaming jazz from our very on KMHD at Mt. Hood community college. This space on the island is set to allow anyone who comes to Second Life a spot to try building- using public sandbox spaces in Second Life is totally free! It's also set to auto-return objects that are created there after six hours, so nothing permanent gets left.

Do you have a project you would like advice or assistance in building? Check our weekly island schedule for drop in sandbox hours- volunteers are available on OR CC isle during this time to assist. Or, just come on by, sip a virtual cup of joe, and hang out and watch others build while listening to some smooth, smooth jazz.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Construction Continues...

The island is nearly finished being terraformed- the general layout is stable and all of our planned land masses are in place. I've popped up a temporary tent city in for the Willamette lowlands- Regulus and I will be working on more permanent structures soon- it's been a busy project week outside of Second Life.

This week, I'll be having a meeting with possible partners from allied health- moving health care simulation space on the island forward is one of our primary goals. We know now that it's easy enough to construct a health care related space in Second Life- now what we need are subject matter experts to help us 'flesh out' a simulation script to test here. Will we do this through interactive objects, or a scripted HUD? Only time and a little formative evaluation will tell.

Also in our new build plans- we have talked from the beginning about wanting a large presentation space, like an outdoor ampitheater on the island- we've decided upon the Ashland open air Elizabethan theater as a model, and it sounds like we may have a theater arts instructor who will be interested in being involved- exciting times!

Now that the island needs only minor land tweaks, the next step is our flora project! Stay tuned for when the "how to make plants in Second Life" workshop will be held on the island in the next few weeks....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Upcoming Terraforming Plans

Hi Island team! (and anyone else out there keeping an eye on our project ;)) You may have noticed a few things like trees missing from the island lately...

We're moving into the next phase of our development, which includes running terraforming tests on the island, starting this Friday, October 17, through Monday October 20th. DharmaPuppy PinkLady and I will be making a terraformation mess over the weekend, so the island may or may not be available. At the meeting on Monday October 20th at 2PM- we will be presenting multiple possible terraformed futures to the team, and between the 20th and 27th, we'll put design plans on our main information site.

If you have items on the island, we will be returning them to you to be sure they don't get lost during construction. Come join us if you would like to be involved in terraforming or selection of the future island look! (Note- we do have some guidance on what plans we are aiming to meet, please see project documents at the main information site.)