Saturday, September 6, 2008


I'm here in Tampa, and Regulus and I just got through with presenting an in-world poster session for the conference proceedings that are happening in world. There were a few technical challenges, which I could expect in a hotel full of people using Second Life at the same time (incredible lag!)- and I was happily overwhelmed by the curiosity that seems to exist around our project. A HUGE shout out to Regulus who is an incredible presenting partner, without him I think the chaos of so many questions at once would have buried me! :) And THANK YOU to everyone who came to Rockcliffe to hear us speak about the project today- as I said at the end of the presentation, it may be that amidst all of those questions flying about, Regulus and I may have missed yours - I will be posting the transcript from our presentation at our site at - and will get to any questions that we missed during the presentation when I get home from Tampa on Monday - trying to take in as much as I can and meet you all while I'm 'here' is my primary priority this weekend.

I will say I was also excited to hear shout outs about others who are attempting similar projects, and very much look forward to continuing this dialog with you all as we grow forward!

Funny thing- that may have been the quickest half hour of my life! And, I meant to get a picture of the event to post, but was so involved in presenting, I didn't take a shot. Anyone got an image of our presentation? Please send it our way. :)

As we say in Hawaii where I grew up, Mahalo nui loa!! (Thank you very much)

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