Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Melany and I are working on still images and poses for the Small Business Development Center's simulations, and it dawns on me that when I first started learning how to move objects around in Second Life, it took me a while to put to memory which direction was which. Coordinates in Second life are still Cartesian, but in math classes growing up, the entire grid was tipped 90 degrees to what is "normal" to what I learned. This didn't come to light for me until I sat down today to work with Melany, and she insisted that this grid isn't the same as a "math grid. "

So, here's a little mnemonic that I've devised for myself that may help you- it helped Melany:

RGB = XYZ, where the red handle correlates to the x value, y correlates to green and z to blue.

Also helpful? Thinking of the way things will actually turn in the real world when correlated to values on the x y z plane - I did this thinking of the way my body moves. R, or red, is like tumbling head over heels, Y or green is like doing a cartwheel, and z is like spinning in place. Does this make sense? Let me know if a better explanation than this is desired.

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