Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Teaching in Second Life - Impressions"

Greetings OCCDLA!

From the desk of "Shameless self-promotion" (but all falling under the auspices of Second Life and education! LOL):

I just wrote a "reflections" paper entitled, "Teaching in Second Life - Impressions: Thoughts and Lessons Learned During Five Quarters of Teaching Experiments in Second Life".  You can view the full text here:

Several references to the members of the OCCDLA and specifically the "OCCDLA in Second Life" group can be found inside.

See you in the metaverse!  Peace,  -- Michael Russell (SL: Regulus Darkstone), Mt. Hood Community College

Regulus at Chouchou

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Monica said...

(blush) I'm humbled by your thanks. :) And such a great read! Here's to the future, continued discovery, and your pivotal role in making it all possible.

Practitioners with vision and courage RULE. Thank you for being so very you and comfortable thinking outside the box.