Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bloom's Taxonomy and Second Life

I found this great chart online a while back in the public domain that listed Bloom's Taxonomy like a ladder, and stacked verbs appropriate for each level beneath, and placed activities that aligned above. Taking this one step further, I've added a third tier of information to this chart. It's by no means an exhaustive list of possible ways to use Second Life for teaching and learning, but rather an aid to get your creative juices flowing when you want to use Second Life appropriately in your lesson plans. Click on the image above to get a copy in PDF you can save and print- and feel free to send me feedback or suggestions for improving it.


Michael said...

WONDERFUL!!! Monica, you have once again proven yourself to be a leader in educational uses of technology - well done!!!

Angel said...

Hi there, I just came across this graph and am wondering if you have a pdf copy of it as this link is no longer active. I really would like to have it, if you could send it to me or to another website that has it.


James Thomas said...

Good, but please also have a look at the revised taxonomy. It was developed during the 1990s and has some valuable tweaking. I prepared a ppt which you can view here:

jeyma said...

Recently I was searching the web for information about Bloom's taxonomy and I found your very useful link. however Am not able to get the PDF mentioned. Could u pls resend it.