Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Second Life Education Support Faire- Jan 25-30th!

From Michael @ MHCC- Thank you Michael! :)

A "Second Life Education Support Faire" is being organized by Linden Labs (the creators of Second Life) to be held between January 25 - January 30. You can read more about it here:


From the site:

To support the educational community, we would like to invite you to participate in and attend Linden Lab’s inaugural Education Support Faire! Over the years, Second Life has provided ways for the world of academia to put to use creativity lending to immersive education, distance learning, knowledge sharing, faculty networking–and many other ways to enhance the collective educational community’s efforts in the real world. The success of projects surrounding these efforts within Second Life can be attributed to the many innovative educators, academics, and students who have chosen to utilize Second Life for these purposes.

The main goal for the Education Support Faire is to bring together educators, academics, and students to explore the support mechanisms available to residents who use Second Life to enhance real world educational efforts.

With many networks of support provided by and for residents in Second Life, we would like especially to extend an invite to Second Life educational minds to take part in presenting at the Educational Support Faire.

Might be worth checking out! The faire will be held here:


Have a great day! Peace, -- Michael

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